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Is your personality related to your Fingerlength?


Do you know that your finger length reveals your personality? Here is a simple personality test: compare the length of your index finger and ring finger and see which type you are. We have just tried this simple personality test among our editors. It is quite accurate. Scary!

Type A: Ring finger longer than index finger

  • You look attractive.
  • You radiate with charm that other people find irresistible.
  • You tend to be aggressive and decisive.
  • You have no problem to take a risk.
  • You are good at solving crosswords.
  • Your typical profession: soldier, engineer, chess player.
  • Scientists have discovered that people with longer ring fingers earn more than people with shorter ring fingers.

Type B: Ring finger shorter than index finger

  • You have a great deal of self-confidence.
  • You tend to be full of yourself and arrogant.
  • You enjoy solitude and do not like to be disturbed in your free time.
  • You are not the type of person who will take the first step when it comes to relationships, but you always accept and appreciate the attention you receive.

Type C: Ring finger is as long as index finger

  • You love peace.
  • You feel uncomfortable when you find yourself in a conflict.
  • You are well organized and try to get along with everybody.
  • You tend to be faithful in a relationship, full of tenderness and caring toward your partners.


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