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Bizarre Toilet-Themed Restaurant

In one alternative restaurant in China, customers eat from a ‘toilet’. The interior décor resembles a beautiful bathroom.

The old phrase, «Don’t knock it until you try it» has been preached to picky diners for decades. In one alternative restaurant in China, customers eat from a toilet.

The eatery, which is located in Taiyuan City has a toilet theme overall. The business just recently opened, in August of this year.

The interior décor resembles a bathroom. Instead of sitting in a standard booth, diners sit on a large porcelain throne. Faucets protrude from the mosaic tile walls while towel racks add a hint of restroom elegance.

The theme doesn’t stop with the décor either. Restaurant patrons eat from a bowl but not the typical kind. The dinnerware is shaped like none other than you know what.

The establishment serves typical Chinese food like noodles, meat and vegetable dishes. Soft serve chocolate ice cream is another highlight at the joint.

The cold dessert comes in a little cup that has a plumbing handle, which allows customers to hold up their cups as they indulge in the treat. Toilet themed restaurants seem to be on the rise in China.

A similar themed business in Beijing is called «House full of poo».

At the Merton Restaurant in Taiwan, you can literally eat a chocolate sundae out of a toilet bowl. If that’s your thing.

«Waiter – this food looks like ****.» Come dine at the restroom restaurant…

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